The holidays have come and gone. We are DONE with cooking, visiting, entertaining. It’s time to cut down this tree. Stock up on your favorite decorations for another year. Reset it. The new year is a great time to start fresh, tidy up, organize and make sure things are properly stored. Checking these things can almost guarantee no mistakes and no unwanted house guests in the kitchen (and we’re not talking about those who might have overstayed their welcome a few weeks ago LOL.)

We have some great tips for you. Check it out.

Bugs in the kitchen? Time for a deep clean.

clean to prevent bugs in the kitchen

Raise your hand if you’ve cooked or baked anything for the holidays!!! If you’re anything like me, you make a mess when you cook. It just happens. No matter how much we think we’ve cleaned up, there are still things missing.

How are your pantry and closet shelves looking these days? Have a bunch of spices spilling out at the bottom of all your spice jars? When was the last time you pulled out the fridge or oven and vacuumed all the crumbs underneath? Leftovers attract pests to the home. Seeing one of the things can be a coincidence. But if you notice any bugs in the kitchen, and there are more than a few, it’s time to call in a professional. That’s what we’re here for!

In the world of insects and rodents, full-scale infestations occur quickly. Ignore it. Dispose of trash regularly, clean dirty dishes, and wipe down counters. Make sure baking ingredients like flour and oats are stored in airtight containers or at least in zip-top plastic bags.

Keep holiday decorations in order.

Be on your job. Don’t skimp on how you put together your holiday decorations. Most people store seasonal decorations in basements, attics, garages and closets. Do you know what all these fields have in common? There is not much human activity in any of these spaces. Where there are no people, living things will live.

What kind of creatures?! Mice like natural items such as cloth, paper and pine cones for nesting materials. Silverfish will slip into corners you can’t even see. Spiders will web this place and lay eggs on your stuff. ALL. If you have artwork, handmade ornaments, trinkets or dolls from your childhood, choose durable plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to keep them inside. Critters won’t damage a container with a sturdy plastic lid.

Seal cracks and crevices

keeping bugs out of the house by sealing cracks

If you can see light or feel drafts around windows or doors, this is a possible pest entry point. Mice are like the nimble pancakes of the rodent world. It’s amazing how they can adjust themselves to fit the gaps. If you are interested in these, you can read more about their features.

The good news is that gutter and door sweeps are pretty inexpensive items you can pick up to repair any cracks or holes that provide access to your home. Door sweeps and new rubber sealing will eliminate gaps between floors and doors in your home. Pay close attention to exterior doors, garage doors, and around windows. Most insects and rodents crawl above ground. Window wells are often forgotten. Make a circle around the base and make sure the items are in top form before the white stuff piles up on the floor.

Keep firewood away from the house

prevent mice by keeping firewood away from the house

Fires are so cozy and really the perfect setting for a night out. Wood-dwelling creatures get inside easily. Be aware and be sure to inspect the firewood you are about to bring inside. Brush off spiders, make sure you don’t bring home egg sacs or mouse nests. Bird nests, ant colonies, wood boring bugs… I mean the list goes on with what can live in logs or trees. Don’t even get me started on mushrooms.

Protect your yard from pests

clean your yard

Throwing your dead Christmas tree out into the yard to get it out of the house is a great first step in preventing a pest problem. Just don’t leave it there for a few days or it will be home to more critters than you can imagine. It is a good practice to remove dead bushes, branches, and fallen leaves from your property year-round, which can provide nests or hiding places for pests. Although mosquitoes won’t bother until the temperature starts to rise, get into the habit of cutting back on thick brush and collecting water where they will breed. Warmer moderate moist temperatures will cause mosquito larvae to hatch.

If you feel like you’ve taken all these steps and still find some pests around, give us a call. We will help.

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