The Bono Regional Director of the Fisheries Commission (FC), Mr. Hanson Kodzo Dzamefe Jnr. emphasized the importance of promoting backyard fish farming to improve the fish production stock of the country.

“In terms of annual per capita fish consumption, on average each Ghanaian consumes about 24.6 kilograms (kg), compared to a global average of 20kg and a West African average of 14kg, so even in the sub-region, Ghanaians are the highest consumers. fish”, he said.

“Can we produce enough fish for our people to eat?” asked the question and stated that there has always been a deficit in consumption versus production.

Mr. Dzamefe Jnr. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Sunyanide talked about the country’s annual fish production deficit and measures to reduce it.

He said the country’s annual fish production in 2021 is 628,617.53 metric tons, while 1,268,800 metric tons are required to meet the national demand.

Mr. Dzamefe Jnr. said the country had imported more than US$67 million worth of additional tonnes of fish to increase the deficit in 2021 and something had to be done to meet the demand for fish consumption.

“If many people start this initiative at home, the increase in national fish production will be guaranteed,” he said.

Mr. Dzamefe Jnr. adding that besides supplementing their meals with quality fish protein, they will have the opportunity to create jobs and relax.’.

He explained that vegetables and other crops were grown in backyards, so fish farming was not an exception as fish ponds could be made using concrete tanks and collapsible tanks to raise fish for home consumption.

“It’s the catfish that thrive the most because they’re hardy and can be raised anywhere in clean water, except for piped water and other waters with chemicals.”

Mr. Dzamefe Jnr. He said the district is training interested parties to deal with it, and some people are starting to do so.

He assured of the Commission’s commitment to provide extension services to anyone who wishes to apply it, saying field officers will constantly monitor farmers to ensure they adhere to best practices such as adherence to biosecurity measures.

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