We love HGTV for all things DIY at home. But let’s be honest. There is a time and a place for DIY. And pest control is not one of them. We’ll explain why hiring a professional and DIY is the way to go in the world of pest control. But just to tickle your DIY fancy, we’ve included a super sweet holiday recipe at the end of this blog post that we recommend you make at home for the holidays! 🐭🎅

A few ants in the kitchen or the occasional mouse in the garage doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? You use a little spray that you get at Home Depot and the ants are gone and no problem. Although if you encounter more often or maybe not a dozen ants in one place, 50 ants a day and they are in three spots. That’s when it’s time to call. [insert Ghostbusters theme music here.]

close up of the house with the mother trying to kill him

Things to consider before buying over-the-counter pesticides.

  • What pest are you dealing with?
    • ants. Well, what kind? There are hundreds of species of ants and they don’t all like the same things and therefore don’t respond to all products in the same way.
  • Are they pavement ants? Are they smelly house ants? Why are they there? What attracts them?
    • Small ants near the baseboard in the kitchen may be a structural cavity they entered or a basement leak problem.
    • Some ants are attracted to water. Others will follow food scraps.
  • Is there a way to solve this problem without using pesticides? Filling the space around the window or replacing the air stripping under the door can literally be the best solution to keep pests away. And it’s cheap.
  • Do you have pets living with you? Be very careful when using any chemical products around animals. Many cleaning products are more toxic than those used by pest control professionals. Victory over pests is not in the product, but in the knowledge.
  • Always read the label of the specific product you are using and follow the instructions to a “T”. Even if you think you’ve used it before or it’s similar to something you’ve used, always read the label. Etiquette is the law. And it will prevent accidental poisoning and other levels of damage.

A homeowner who controls pests by using a chemical solution to kill insects

The cost of hiring a professional pest expert

When it comes to certain things in life, it really helps to “know a guy.” Am I right?? Your kitchen sink runs the day before Christmas and you have 25 people coming home for a huge party the next day. (This literally happened to me. I can’t put into words how stressful it is!) Is it a good time to DIY or know a plumber you can trust to fix this problem? The same is true when it comes to the invasion of creatures around your most important investment. Check out all of these reasons why hiring a pest control professional is a better idea than trying to solve a persistent pest problem yourself.

  • It’s like having your own personal environmental guardian. Like being BFFs with Captain Planet.
  • We’re an extra set of eyes on the often-overlooked little things around your property.
  • Rose’s professionals are highly qualified and trained to solve problems at their root and will work with you to prevent future problems long-term.
  • We’ll keep you updated on the current situation so you can unite all your neighbors at the next block party.
  • Our expert will probably fall in love with your pets and make sure they live in the best environment free of fleas and ticks and other potentially harmful insects.
  • If you’re having a backyard party, we can make sure your guests don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
  • We check everything seasonally as the weather changes to help keep your health and your home at its best. If something strange happens between our visits every season, like your dog playing with a giant alien-looking bug, you want to know what it is and if you need to take your dog to the vet. bit the bug. Yes, we do not charge for such things. Because life happens. Pests happen. But under our control you are protected.

Get a free quote from us anytime. No pressure. We are here to make your life easier.

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A mouse in the house?

We recommend never living with rodents. Unless they are these SUPER CUTE MILA FRAME MICE!!!!! 🐭🎅 Enjoy this fun seasonal recipe! If you make them, be sure to tag us in any recipe photos on Facebook or Instagram!

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