Have you ever been outside and noticed all the spiky little thorns stuck in your shoes? You are probably known as puncturevine or more commonly goat heads.

These little nuisances are just one of the many noxious weeds that inhabit Colorado. Noxious weeds are invasive species that can seriously impact native plant life and habitat. Species like Puncturevine can be found on the trail, in your shoes, in your yard, in your local park, and more. those pesky thorns travel and spread.

They can soon become ubiquitous and quickly become extinct or compete with native plant species. Therefore, it is important to be aware of which noxious weeds can be spread while walking, hiking, or enjoying the outdoors.

Noxious weed management involves many techniques and practices. Preventing the spread of more harmful weeds like puncturevine is a small piece of the bigger puzzle. Other management techniques include early detection of noxious weeds, mowing, herbicide application, hand removal, and control of native species that can suppress or prevent the growth of noxious weeds.

Boot brush booths are an effective tool in preventing the spread of noxious weeds, as boot brushes can keep shoes clean of any potential ingress or egress of noxious weeds or seeds. To properly use each kiosk, be sure to wipe off your shoes thoroughly before entering and exiting the park facilities.

The Fort Morgan City Parks Department and Morgan Conservation District previously installed a brush brush booth at the West Nature Trail Access and added two new installations at the Twamore Trails and East Nature Trail Access/Fish Ponds. The kiosks are a joint effort between the City of Fort Morgan Parks Department and the Morgan Conservation District to target and control noxious weeds in the park. These devices are part of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Boot Brush Kiosk project.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Morgan Conservation District at 970-427-3362 or morganconservationdistrict@gmail.com.

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