THE Rhydlewis and District Gardening Club held their Autumn Produce Show at the end of August.

It marked a return after a difficult period during the covid pandemic and the loss of stalwart member Liz Blackler when the class of 39 was on schedule in the village hall on Tuesday 30 August.

It was an event with regulars and new faces at the hall both displaying their products and admiring the entries and enjoying home baking, arts and crafts.

The judges were Robert and Rannveig Wallis, who chose the winners after what was described as ‘a challenging summer with unusual weather’, but the quality of home-grown fruit and vegetables was judged to be ‘outstanding’.


Winning entries:

Best of Exhibit in the Vegetable and Fruit classes: Kevin Myerscough

Rose Shield: Kevin Myerscough

Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Cup: Jonathan Sainsbury

D and G Shield for Homecraft: Kerry Killick and Sophie Heath

JT Shield for Onions: Carrie Davies.

White Potato: J. Sharman

Colored Potatoes: J. Sharman

Beet: S. Holmes

Runner Beans: J. Sharman

Onion: C. Davies

Shallot: J. Milton

Marrow: J. Sainsbury

Tomato: J. Sainsbury

Cherry Tomatoes: J. Sainsbury

Cucumber: J. Sainsbury

Vegetable varieties: M. Brown

Collection of Herbs: C. Davies

Oddly Shaped Vegetables: J. Sharman

Apples: J. Milton

Dahlias: K. Myerscough

Flowers: K. Myerscough

Hydrangeas: J. Milton

Flowering Pot Plant: K. Myerscough

Vase of cut flowers: M. Brown

Cut the root of a tree or flower: C. Davies

Floral arrangement: M. Fogg

Seasonal Arrangement: K. Killick

Only Brith: K. Killick

Bread Loaf: K. Killick

Sausage rolls: T. Sainsbury

Lemon Drizzle: S. Heath

Jam jar: F. Blades

Chutney bowl: T. Sainsbury

Egg Cozy: S. Heath

Knitted baby article: L. Hardy

Summer garden photo: T. Sainsbury

The names of the winners of the Courgettes and Pods of Peas categories have been kept confidential.

The next meeting of the Gardening Club is on September 27th at 7.30pm in Rhydlewis Village Hall commencing: ‘On Bulbs’ – Gardening Workshop with Roger from Trefhedyn.

Roger will bring items to display (and sell) and demonstrate how he uses bulbs to create interest indoors and in the garden. Everyone is welcome to the meetings, regardless of your interest in gardening.

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